Press O Film Testex Tapes

Press O Film Testex Tapes

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Press O Film Testex Tapes 

Offering Press O Film Testex Tapes USA:

Testex Tape is popularly called as Press-O-Film. Press-O-Film provides surface profile of a basted cleaned surface. It can produce virtually exact replicas of the blasted surface profile, which can be measured, using a snap gauge. Testex tapes offers a simple and very accurate method of measuring blasted profiles

Testex Tape / Press O Film consists of layer of crushable plastic microfoam coated onto a polyster film of highly uniform thickness.


 Testex Tape Press-O-Film

 R1001  Coarse (range 20 to 51m)
 R1002   X Coarse (range 38 to 114m)
 R3003   X Coarse Plus (range above 114m)
 R3004  Paint Grade (range 32 to 85m)


 R1004  Testex Snap Gauge (1/2 m resolution)
 R2001  Testex Kit