MiniTest 4100 (Non-magnetic coatings)

MiniTest 4100 (Non-magnetic coatings)

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MiniTest 4100 (Non-magnetic coatings) 

We hold the expertise in manufacturing MiniTest 4100 (Non-magnetic coatings) across the world.  Our range is manufactured using high grade fine steel. High measuring accuracy, reproducibility, storage and evaluation of measuring values are its advantages. MiniTest 4100 (Non-magnetic coatings) is used in coating thickness, wall thickness, pinhole detection and asphalt layer thickness. There is a wider acceptability in the market as it is offered at an industry leading price.

  • Non-magnetic coatings, e.g. paint and zinc on ferrous substrates
  • Insulating coatings, e.g. paint and anodizing coatings on  non-ferrous metals
  • Non-ferrous metal coatings on insulating substrates
    Performance features:

  • Wide range of wear-resistant probes which can be adapted to different applications
  •  Universal probe for measurements on steel and non-ferrous metals
  • High measuring accuracy and reproducibility
  • Storage and evaluation of measuring value


  1)  MiniTest 4100:
  •  Memory structure to be defined freely for users with     many different applications
  • Statistical evaluation from various groups
  2) MiniTest 3100:
  •  Memory structure to be defined variously for users with few applications
  • Statistical evaluation from various groups
  3)  MiniTest 2100:
  •  Storage of measuring values for users with one application
  •  Statistical evaluation
  4)   MiniTest 1100:

  •     For simple spot check measurements
      Measuring principle:

  • Magnetic induction and eddy current principle