Cross Hatch Cutter Elcometer

Cross Hatch Cutter Elcometer

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Cross Hatch Cutter Elcometer

A quality range of Cross Hatch Cutter Elcometer is offered by us that help in immediate judgment of the quality of the bond to substrate. These are highly suitable for thick, thin or tough coatings on curved or flat surface because of its rugged construction and also for laboratory or field test. Various description of our product range comprises of the following  

  •     Ideal for thick or hard coatings
  •     Easy to change cutters
  •     Large selection of cutters, each
  •     With four cutting faces
  •     Low Cost
  •     The Elcometer 107 Cross Hatch Cutter
  •     Is available in two versions.
  •     Can be converted into the
  •     Elcometer 141 Paint Inspectors
  •     Gauge (P.I.G)
  •     Robust Design
  •     Large, non slip grip