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Copper Titanium Non Sparking Open End Wrench

Copper Titanium Non Sparking Open End Wrench
Copper Titanium Non Sparking Open End Wrench
Product Code : 437
Product Specifications
Product Type :
Hand Tools
Tool Type :
Copper Titanium Non Sparking Open End Wrench
Material :
Copper Titanium Non Sparking
Color :
Natural Finish
Warranty :
1 Year
Product Description

 Copper Titanium Non Sparking Open End Wrench 

Copper Titanium Non Sparking Open End Spanner 

DE Open Spanner DS0607 06*07mm
DE Open Spanner DS0809 08*09mm
DE Open Spanner DS1011 10*11mm
DE Open Spanner DS1213 12*13mm
DE Open Spanner DS1415 14*15mm
DE Open Spanner DS1617 16*17mm
DE Open Spanner DS1819 18*19mm
DE Open Spanner DS2022 20*22mm
DE Open Spanner DS2123 21*23mm
DE Open Spanner DS2426 24*26mm
DE Open Spanner DS2427 24*27mm
DE Open Spanner DS2528 25*28mm
DE Open Spanner DS3032 30*32mm
DE Open Spanner DS3234 32*34mm
DE Open Spanner DS3236 32*36mm
DE Open Spanner DS3436 34*36mm
DE Open Spanner DS3438 34*38mm
DE Open Spanner DS3641 36*41mm
DE Open Spanner DS4146 41*46mm
DE Open Spanner DS4650 46*50mm
DE Open Spanner DS5055 50*55mm


Copper Titanium Non Sparking Tools

QTi Copper Titanium Non Sparking Safety Tools

We are pleased to introduce DRDO Developed & Patented Copper Titanium Non Sparking Safety Tools. Copper Titanium is a breakthrough innovation developed and patented by DRDO - DMRL Lab.

The use of Non-sparking tools is mandatory to provide protection against fires and explosions in environments where there is a possibility of sparks igniting flammable solvents, vapours, liquids, dusts or residues.

Conventionally Non-Sparking Hand Tools were available of the following two materials i.e Copper Beryllium and Aluminium Bronze.

Copper Beryllium (Cu-Be) is an extremely hazardous alloy due to the toxicity associated with Beryllium. Use of Cu-Be hand tools or other parts, constantly exposes employees and contractors to a severe and often fatal lung disease caused by exposure to Beryllium. Many countries are thus severely curtailing use of Cu-Be or completely banning it. Due to the above reasons, some users have adopted Aluminium Bronze (Al-Br) as the preferred alternative for non-sparking tools. However, Al-Br is a very weak material having strength of about 60% of Cu-Be. These tools thus break very frequently leading to high consumption and risk of injury to the user.

Cu-Ti alloys – being introduced as QTi ® is an excellent replacement for Copper Beryllium, and Pahwa MetalTech are manufacturing the alloy for several applications in which Copper Beryllium is currently used.

With the launch of Copper Titanium (QTi®) Non-Sparking Hand Tools alloys, we eliminate all the above disadvantages of Cu-Be or Al-Br and offer a superior and stronger material which non-hazardous and most importantly ‘Made in India’, by a Company backed by technocrats with over 40 yrs. of collective manufacturing experience.

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