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Copper Titanium Non Sparking Combination Plier

Copper Titanium Non Sparking Combination Plier
Copper Titanium Non Sparking Combination Plier
Product Code : 444
Product Specifications
Product Type :
Hand Tools
Tool Type :
Copper Titanium Non Sparking Combination Plier
Material :
Copper Titanium Non Sparking
Color :
Natural Finish
Warranty :
1 Year
Product Description

Copper Titanium Non Sparking Combination Pliers

Combination Plier PL1006 150mm QTi
Combination Plier PL1008 200mm QTi
Long Nose Plier PL2006 150mm QTi
Long Nose Plier PL2008 200mm QTi
Flat Nose Plier PL4006 150mm QTi
Flat Nose Plier PL4008 200mm QTi
Diognal Cutting Plier PL5006 150mm QTi
Diognal Cutting Plier PL5008 200mm QTi
Groove Joint Plier PL6012 300mm QTi

 QTi Copper Titanium Non Sparking Safety Tools

We are pleased to introduce DRDO Developed & Patented Copper Titanium Non Sparking Safety Tools. Copper Titanium is a breakthrough innovation developed and patented by DRDO - DMRL Lab.

The use of Non-sparking tools is mandatory to provide protection against fires and explosions in environments where there is a possibility of sparks igniting flammable solvents, vapours, liquids, dusts or residues.

Conventionally Non-Sparking Hand Tools were available of the following two materials i.e Copper Beryllium and Aluminium Bronze.

Copper Beryllium (Cu-Be) is an extremely hazardous alloy due to the toxicity associated with Beryllium. Use of Cu-Be hand tools or other parts, constantly exposes employees and contractors to a severe and often fatal lung disease caused by exposure to Beryllium. Many countries are thus severely curtailing use of Cu-Be or completely banning it. Due to the above reasons, some users have adopted Aluminium Bronze (Al-Br) as the preferred alternative for non-sparking tools. However, Al-Br is a very weak material having strength of about 60% of Cu-Be. These tools thus break very frequently leading to high consumption and risk of injury to the user.

Cu-Ti alloys – being introduced as QTi ® is an excellent replacement for Copper Beryllium, and Pahwa MetalTech are manufacturing the alloy for several applications in which Copper Beryllium is currently used.

With the launch of Copper Titanium (QTi®) Non-Sparking Hand Tools alloys, we eliminate all the above disadvantages of Cu-Be or Al-Br and offer a superior and stronger material which non-hazardous and most importantly ‘Made in India’, by a Company backed by technocrats with over 40 yrs. of collective manufacturing experience.

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