Chloride Ion Test for Abrasive Chlor Test A

Chloride Ion Test for Abrasive Chlor Test A

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Chloride Ion Test for Abrasive Chlor Test A

Chloride Ion Test for Abrasives
By Chlor*Rid International

An easy, accurate field test for chloride contamination of abrasives.

Easy to Use & Accurate

    CHLOR*TEST" A" is the only complete and easy-to-use abrasive test kit - even the least experienced tester can get accurate results in minutes. When specifications require consistent, safe, reliable testing of abrasives, use CHLOR*TEST 'A" !
    CHLOR*TEST 'A" is a self-contained, accurate, and reliable test kit. Each kit contains four (4) individual tests. Cross contamination, from test to test, is eliminated through one-time use of individual components. The components are pre-measured to ensure accurate results in parts per million. In addition, no temperature correction is needed from 41oF to 176oF.
    CHLOR*TEST "A" uses ASTM D4940 principles, but offers the additional value of chloride ion-specific measurement. Use this innovative product confidently with any abrasive.